Grammar in a Nutshell Teachers' Lesson Book with CD

Author: Lorna Jennaway, Publisher: Five Senses

Grammar in a Nutshell - learn to write and speak correctly in only ten easy hands-on lessons!

Grammar in a Nutshell is a teaching that will enable teachers and students to enjoy teaching or learning the structure of the English language in order to write and speak well - in just 10 easy lessons. The "hands-on" approach will speed up the process and allow students to have lots of fun as they go. When using Grammar in a Nutshell, the teacher and students can move along at their own pace, but students should try to master each step before doing so.

Grammar in a Nutshell uses the grammatical concepts for forming sentences, but adds the dimension of colour to enable students to recognise the relationship between these concepts easily. It will immediately be obvious which words and ideas belong together together by selecting a strong basic colour (RED or BLUE) for the basic nuts needed to build a sentence, and then giving more meaning and interest to them by placing a card or cards with a related colour near to them.

Students are often surprised at how quickly their confidence grows as they use this functional approach and build longer and more complex sentences. Again, by changing the position of certain cards (words, phrases and clauses) in the sentences, they can easily see how emphasis can be changed and that punctuation may be needed to clarify meaning. They will also be able to enjoy the funny or disastrous consequences of placing cards in the wrong spots. Family members and friends often enjoy working with the Hands On approach also.

Lorna Jennaway has used the colour card approach successfully with students and teachers for many years both in Australia and overseas and has seen students enjoy the hands on fun and seen students' self esteem soar.


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Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781741303926
Subject English