Grammar Minutes Book D (Ages 8 to 9)

Author: , Publisher: RIC

One hundred minutes to better grammar! This exciting six-book blackline master series from R.I.C. Publications will help your students apply and extend their grammar skills step by step over one hundred minutes. And what’s more – as they challenge themselves as they apply their knowledge and understanding of the features of the English language – they will have fun!

Grammar minutes provides the opportunity to let students practise their grammar skills and enhance their overall grammar proficiency across a variety of areas, including sentence structure, use of capital letters and punctuation, and understanding of common nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms … and many more elements of language.

Each ‘minute’ consists of 10 grammar questions for students to complete within a short time period. Designed to be implemented in numerical order, this unique format offers students an ongoing opportunity to improve their own grammar proficiency developmentally in a manageable, non-threatening manner. The time-based format combines with instant feedback, makes this a challenging and motivational assignment students will look forward to each day. The reader-friendly, comprehensive teachers notes offer suggestions on how to best use the books. Also included are other helpful resources, including a scope-and-sequence chart to shows when each concept is introduced and revised.


  • 100 student pages, each with 10 classroom-tested problems
  • covers all elements of grammar, including punctuation, parts of speech, sentence structure, compound words and contractions
  • offers practice in speed of recall in knowledge and understanding of the features of the English language
  • ideal as a starter activity in a timed speed-test format to begin each English lesson, or alternatively, can be used as revision or a daily homework activity
  • provides the teacher with immediate feedback of students’ understanding of grammar
  • answers provided


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Year Level Year 3
ISBN 9781921750557
Subject English