Grammar Rules! 2e Book 3

Author: Tanya Gibb, Publisher: Macmillan

Winner - Primary Textbook series

"A whole school grammar program with a strong context-based approach to teaching and learning... Each unit is well thought out with a clear instructional design, starting with a model text and culminating in the students writing a text to put their new grammatical knowledge into practice."
Australian Educational Publishing Awards

Grammar gets real!

This practical book is part of an outstanding new series that introduces and teaches grammar in context of real text types. It provides 35 weekly units of work for Year 3.

The focus of this book is on exploring the grammar used in particular text types, and how it relates to the specific purpose and audience the text has been written for. It uses real texts, real contexts, and real grammar, written for the needs of young students!

Students will learn:

  • About grammar, from the whole text down to the sentence and word level
  • How to use that grammar knowledge, both when responding to texts and when constructing their own texts

Each unit systematically builds on the previous units, so that students progress in their knowledge and experience. Regular revision units are also provided for consolidation or assessment.

A 4 page pullout writing log is provided in the centre of the book as well as a glossary of rules at the back.

More Information
Year Level Year 3
Edition 2
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9781420236590
Subject English
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