Health and Physical Education for the AC Years 7 and 8 Pack (Textbook and Interactive Textbook)

Author: Sue Dickens, Michele Nemec, Jo Bufferworth, Dylan Chown, Toby Priest, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum is a complete resource package that encourages students to develop skills, knowledge and strategies in order to make healthy, safe and active choices in their lives.

Health and Physical Education for the Australian Curriculum covers the two curriculum content strands - Personal, social and community health, and Movement and physical activity - by drawing on the five interrelated propositions that have shaped this curriculum:

  • to provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop, practice, apply and evaluate key health and movement knowledge, understanding and skills (to focus on educative purposes)
  • to support students to make healthy, safe and active choices (to take a strengths based approach)
  • to value the development of movement skills and concepts students need to confidently and ably participate in physical activity (to value movement)
  • to enhance students´┐Ż ability to access, understand and use health information (to develop health literacy)
  • to encourage students to critically research, apply, analyse and evaluate information, ideas, issues, contexts and influences (to include a critical inquiry approach)

This complete resource package for the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education integrates the key curriculum focus areas, together with general capabilities, cross-curricula priorities and links to other learning areas, as it explores key contemporary issues.

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ISBN 9781316621646