Homework Tonight 2 Revised Edition

Author: Stewart, Publisher: Cengage Learning

Homework Tonight is a series of seven full-colour books, each providing 32 units (32 weeks) of homework of each year of primary school.

Homework Tonight is designed to be user-friendly to children, parents and teachers. Each unit includes:

§  Reading and writing activities

§  Spelling activities

§  Word usage activities

§  Maths activities

A description of the activities for each subject is provided in the front of each book so that parents and teachers can quickly appreciate the range of activities offered.

Answers are provided for all activities, enabling parents and teachers readily to assess children’s progress and achievements.

Homework Tonight is the ideal series to encourage cooperation between parents and teachers in the teaching and learning process.

More Information
Date of Publication 9/06/2004
ISBN 9780170973816
Subject Homework