How To Teach Persuasive Writing (Yrs 2-6)

Author: Daphne Ferguson, Publisher: Five Senses
A Book of Ideas and Exercises:
“To help teachers, help children write persuasively.”
EXPOSITIONS: The purpose of an exposition is to influence an audience‛s point of view or attitude and to persuade that audience to take some form of action. This is done by putting forward arguments about a specific issue.This book of ideas and exercises, helps teachers, to help pupils write persuasively. Children are taught how to: State their position (introduction), Support it with a series of arguments/examples, Then reinforce it (conclusion).
DISCUSSIONS: The purpose of a discussion is to present a range of views about a topic. Discussion texts use the same writing skills as expositions. However, the writer presents not just one but several differing points of view about the topic.
POSTERS: Posters are another form of persuasive writing with pictures and layout just as important as the text.
Some Topics covered:
  • Modality
  • Topic sentences
  • Nominalisation 
  • Connectives, frameworks
  • Improving your writing skills
Also included are:
  • Sample Answers
  • A CD of PDFs of worksheets
More Information
Year Level Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Date of Publication Feb-11
ISBN 9781741304824