HSC Drama Topics Volume 1 2nd edition 2010-2012 HSC

Author: Bruce Pattinson (Ed.), Publisher: Five Senses

The HSC Drama Topics Series is designed to give students an insight into both the topic they are studying and the texts.

Volume1 covers the two topics from the Core Study for the HSC Drama Course for 2010-2012: Dramatic Traditions in Australia and Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice.

Contents includes:

  • Introduction
  • The HSC Drama Course
  • Australian Drama and Theatre
  • Australian Drama - an overview
  • Dramatic Traditions in Australia
    • No Sugar - Jack Davis
    • The Chapel Perilous - Dorothy Hewitt
    • Norm and Ahmed - Alex Buzo
    • The Removalists - David Williamson
  • Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice
    • Ruby Moon - Matt Cameron
    • Stolen - Jane Harrison
    • Still Angela - Jenny Kemp
    • A Beautiful Life - Helen Howard and Michael Futcher

Each of the texts is dealt with separately and includes sections on:

  • The playwright
  • Plot summary
  • Setting
  • Character Analysis
  • Thematic concerns
  • Dramatic Techniques and Language
  • Essay with Outline
  • HSC Tips


More Information
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781741303964
Subject Creative Arts, Drama