i-Science Activity Book 5A

Author: Leng & Khang, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

i-Science is a series of Science course books with accompanying activity books. It is written in compliance with the Science syllabus set by the Ministry of Education.

i-Science encourages active learning and attempts to develop habits of the mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry in pupils. A conscious effort has been made to relate the learning of science to everyday experiences and commonly observed phenomena. This helps pupils to understanding the relationship between science and the environment.

Series Features

  • Everyday experiences and contexts that pupils can relate to
  • Suggestions for cooperative learning
  • Spiral approach to link what has been learnt and what is to be learnt
  • Clear and relevant illustrations to aid understanding of concepts
  • Summary of key ideas at the end of each section and chapter
  • Graphic organisers to provide an overview of the key ideas
  • Amazing facts to stimulate interest in pupils
  • Activities and questions to encourage critical thinking and analysis
  • Glossary
More Information
Year Level Year 5
Date of Publication 2011 Reprint. Originally published 2003
ISBN 9789812850843
Subject Science