ICE-EM Maths Year 9 - 3rd Edition Interactive Textbook (Access Code)

Author: Brown et al, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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The ICE-EM Mathematics series was created by the Australian Mathematical Science Institute (AMSI) to provide a mathematics program that gives students a clear understanding of ideas and concepts. It aims to improve mathematics learning for students with a range of abilities, needs and levels of interest.


  • Updated, revised and consolidated to provide comprehensive coverage of the Australian Curriculum and its state variants in a single streamlined textbook for each year level.
  • Designed to provide students with the best preparation for success in senior courses and beyond.
  • The cutting-edge Interactive Textbook allows students to show their working and submit it for the teacher, and delivers a range of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience provided by the student text, allowing for effortless and immediate navigation from the textbook content to interactive content.


  1. Interactive Textbook powered by Cambridge HOTmaths
    • The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offers a powerful Learning Management System. It is accessed online through a HOTmaths account using a unique 16-character code provided by email when you order this product.
  2. PDF Textbook available in the interactive textbook
    • The downloadable PDF version of the student text enables students to take notes and bookmark pages. It is downloaded through your Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum Second Edition, Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum or Cambridge Senior Mathematics account using the same unique 16-character code that is included with the purchase of the interactive textbook.
More Information
Year Level Year 9
Edition 3rd
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9781108686235
Subject Maths