Inside Information Silver Readers Boxed Set (Upper Primary)

Author: , Publisher: Pearson (Specials)
Now: $35.00 Was: $139.00

This boxed set of non-fiction readers is suitable for upper primary students. These readers seek to answer some of the trickiest questions of all time!

It contains the following titles, each originally sold for $14.95 each:

  • Surprising Structures by David Keystone (about some of the tallest buildings in the world)
  • Secrets of Space by Joanne Sinclair (about astronauts, outer space and international space research)
  • Robotics by Joanne Sinclair (about use of robots in medicine, assembly lines, spaceships, toys and human body)
  • Real Dragons by Cheryl Jakab (from the Leafy Sea Dragon to the giant lizards of the sea)
  • Pushing the Limits by Berry Billingsley (about the exploration of the Poles, the highest mountain and deepest oceans, the desert, space and science)
  • It's About Time by David Keystone (about the connections between distance and time, body clocks and the speed of light)
  • Down in the Depths by Cheryl Jakab (about the deep sea, an environment with its own cultures and systems)
  • Armoured by Cheryl Jakab (about different types of armour humans and animals have used to protect their bodies)
  • Amazing Nature by Joanne Sinclair (about the awesome capacities that have developed in life forms)
  • Aliens? by Cheryl Jakab (about what exobiologists are looking for, where they are looking as well as the equipment they use)
  • Spooky Science by Joanne Sinclair (an unflinching look at witches and werewolves, monsters, goblins and swaying buildings!)
  • Mysteries of the Mind by Cheryl Jakab
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Year Level Year 5, Year 6
Date of Publication 2001
ISBN 9780733921742
Subject English