Junior Visual Arts for Teachers (Includes Smartboard CD)

Author: Veronica Stoikovich & Lynn Tebbutt, Publisher: Five Senses

There are 72 Visual Art works in this book.  Works have been created by children between 5 and 9 years of age and should give teachers an idea of the effectiveness of the lessons outlined in the book.

Lessons have been designed to provide an understanding of the expressive qualities of the basic elements of Visual Arts ie a study of line, colour, tone, texture and shape. They are easy to follow and include an objective, list of materials and instructions on procedures and techniques.

Children, given the chance to acquire knowledge of the language, materials and skills associated with Visual Arts, will more confidently express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings. They will also begin to appreciate and interpret the work of others.

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ISBN 9781741307504
Subject Creative Arts, Visual Arts