Legal Studies HSC Course: Focus Study Indigenous People

Author: Helen Preketes , Publisher: Five Senses

The aim of the legal system is to provide a legal framework which clearly articulates and enunciates the values and priorities of the society and the government. The laws provide stability, a sense of predictability, order and social cohesion. Justice is another aim of the legal system. Justice is a subjective term which refers to an outcome of the legal system. Notions of justice vary from person to person, depending on their values and attitudes or underlying beliefs. Generally though, justice is associated with fairness, equality and equity. That is, that all people are treated the same and that there is equality of outcomes for all. In Australia the law is continually being reformed and amended as time passes, in order to reflect changing societal values. The legal system is subject to scrutiny; legal decisions are reported on in the media, and lobby groups pose questions of legislators. Education raises the social awareness of students who go on to become voters. Access to information is far more readily available and legal decisions and legal trends in nations around the world are continually coming to the attention of legislators. These changes influence law makers (politicians) and hence the law themselves. The HSC Legal Studies Series - Legal Studies HSC Course Core Focus Studies - Consumers - Family - Global Environment - Indigenous Peoples - Shelter - Technological Change - Workplace - World Order

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Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781741300277
Subject Legal Studies
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