Legal Studies HSC Course: Focus Study World Order 2nd Edition

Author: Mohan Dhall , Publisher: Five Senses

World order is a reference to the hierarchy of global powers and how such powers are applied in the pursuit of global hegemony as against the ideal of peace. No-one wants a war and no likes the uncertainty associated with international or nation conflict, civil unrest and warfare. Moreover, human rights are well understood globally and people, more than ever before, are prepared to assert and fight for their rights. In this type of world the need for alliances between nations to discuss and resolve the big issues is crucial. Regional intergovernmental bodies and the United Nations both have a role to play as do national governments. 

The articulation of 'best practice' and of principles comes via Declarations and Conventions between nations and by consensus. However, the creation of international legal rules and laws is slow and the issue of State sovereignty is a pervasive threat to global unity. Thus, an understanding of the issues arising from a need for World Order is essential to becoming an informed global citizen.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9781741307757
Subject Legal Studies
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