Like Me Volume 1

Author: Hazel Edwards, Publisher: Five Senses

All stories link to the curriculum theme of ‘Like Me’.

School, home, family and where you fit concerns eight to ten year olds. Wanting to be like everybody else is common, but… we are all different. So a sense of humour helps.

And diverse viewpoints, even a cat, insect or a Reading Dog. The stories provide this experience.

Issues of handling differences, death, bravery, names and imaginative problem solving, using fun. Family issues such as fostering & visit day and where you fit in a changing family or school. All stories have been widely used.

A special collection from multi-award winning, Australian children’s author, Hazel Edwards.


  • The Reading Dog
  • Garden of Guesses
  • A Couple of Clever Cats
  • Ry the Wounded Warrior
  • I Danced With a Mosquito

About the Author

Author-educator Hazel Edwards O.A.M. is best known for the classic Australian picture book, There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake. This title has now toured nationally as a musical. Hazel is a Reading Ambassador who is keen to use humour to entice new readers. Her recent books Hijabi Girl and f2m:the boy within, deal with social issues, in a relatively lighthearted way. A similar tone can be found in many of the short stories in her new collections.

Originally a Tournament of Minds problem writer and judge, Hazel encourages imaginative problem solving within a narrative framework.

More Information
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781760322397
Subject English
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