Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals (2nd ed.)

Author: Marie M. Clay, Publisher: Marie Clay Literacy Trust

Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals is an essential text for all teachers who provide individual instruction for young children having difficulty learning to read and write.

This new edition of Marie Clay’s important book elaborates the teaching procedures, implementation practices and theoretical understandings that underpin the highly effective early literacy intervention Reading Recovery. Readers of the text have ready access to guidance for teaching children individually and for intervening effectively to undercut literacy difficulties in schools.

Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals (2nd ed.) describes an early literacy intervention that

  • is individually designed and delivered by experienced by experienced teachers (who have received a further year of preparation for the role)
  • builds on the child's strengths as the only possible foundation for further learning
  • is directed towards developing in-the-head processes for working with written language
  • utilises reading and writing activities as mutually facilitating of early literacy learning
  • aims to maximise the child's contribution to his or her own learning in every teaching interaction

The teaching procedures described in this book have been progressively refined and revised over many years in response to the reported experience of Reading Recovery professionals, new research and changes in education systems worldwide. Careful attention to organisation of content, section headings and text layout in the new edition have produced a text that is both informative and teacher-friendly.

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Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1
ISBN 9781927293072
Subject English