Literacy Through Science Ages 11+

Author: , Publisher: RIC

Improving comprehension on nonfiction text

Literacy through Science is a three-book blackline master series designed to integrate science content with specific reading instruction. It enables students to improve their comprehension of nonfiction text and to understand scientific vocabulary and concepts appropriate to each level. This title is for ages 11+.


  • 12 units covering the areas of life, earth and physical science
  • Each unit consists of:
    • pre-reading strategies – topic prediction, before and after chart and vocabulary prediction;
    • a two-page nonfiction text;
    • post reading activities – comprehension exercise, literacy skills review, critical thinking exercise; and
    • a hands-on science experiment.
  • Comprehensive teachers notes on how to implement the strategies and activities for each unit
  • Content summary reference
  • English and science curriculum links
  • Answers


More Information
Year Level Year 5, Year 6
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781741268829
Subject English, Science