Little Leaders: Grammar Leader K2

Author: , Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

LITTLE LEADERS is a pre-primary school series specially designed to prepare kindergarten children for Primary One. This series covers the essential subjects and components, namely English, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing and Mathematics.

There are two levels: K1 – For those who can’t wait to go to K2 and K2 – For those who can’t wait to go to Pr 1. The activities compiled for each book and each level are structured and focused, with specific learning objectives so parents and teachers can track a child’s accomplishments.

The introduction of awarding stars for each activity makes targets fun for the children while allowing parents and teachers to recognize the pace of the child’s learning. It is hoped that the progressive activities form part of their learning adventure as they proceed from one page to another.

The answer for the first question of each activity is provided with the objective of guiding children in their learning.


GRAMMAR LEADER K1 and GRAMMAR LEADER K2 are best used as a set. These books will certainly help children gain proficiency in English language as they progress from one activity to another.

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Year Level Kindergarten
ISBN 9789814418386
Subject English