Macmillan English 9 Digital (Available to Order)

Author: Sandra Berhardt, Publisher: Macmillan

This is an online product. You are purchasing 15 months access to an interactive digital book and digital support for Macmillan English 9 at Macmillan's digital home:

This captivating book covers all the content descriptions in the three strands of the Australian Curriculum. 

Each chapter is cleverly structured to simultaneously identify and integrate Language, Literature and Literacy.

Key features:

  • an innovative and accessible approach to the new curriculum
  • explicit and in-depth teaching of all content descriptions
  • self-contained double-page spreads that focus on specific teaching points related to language, literature or literacy
  • practical exercises and activities with assessment tasks at the end of each chapter
  • a wide range of rich and appealing literary, non-literary and multimodal texts, including Indigenous and Asian texts
  • explicit teaching of grammar to develop knowledge and skills in language use
  • emphasis on teaching students to use English powerfully and effectively in written, spoken and multimodal texts for varied purposes and audiences
  • a comprehensive glossary.

The many benefits of this digital book include:

  • an enhanced and fully interactive platform
  • links to files, website and all support resources
  • loads of digital support including internet-based activities, worksheets and more
  • digital book pages mirror print book pages
  • work online or download offline version
  • 24/7 access via any web browser.



1 Flexible English
2 Shaping meaning
3 Between the lines
4 Different times
5 Communities
6 The English world
7 Structure
8 Ways with words
9 Fun with English
10 Evaluation

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Year Level Year 9
Edition N/A
Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9781420230871
Level N/A
Subject English
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