Magnetic Words for Reception Year / Ages 4+ (Board, Pen & 50 Pieces)

Author: , Publisher: Fiesta Crafts

Learn and write essential vocabulary with this magnetic word set.

Children can play with the magnets to practice reading and writing words, forming sentences and more.

The magnetic components make it easy to store, and can be easily used at home or in the car.

These magnets are chunky (approximately 2cm tall) so they're easy for small hands to hold.

Suggested activities:

  • Place the word tiles upside down and take turns to pick a piece up and read the word.
  • Use word tiles to make up a sentence and draw a picture for it underneath
  • Make, then jumble up a sentence and try to put it back into the correct order.
  • Bingo: Each players has 10 tiles. One person calls out the words at random. Each time a player has their word called they put it aside. The winner is the first to have all their words called.
  • Hangman: Use the tiles to choose a word & draw on the board.
  • Storymaker: Pick out 3 or more words and tell a story including these words


  • Magnetic Board - double-sided (guide lines on front / letter practice guide on reverse), dry-wipe, 18 x 25cm
  • Dry-wipe pen
  • 50 chunky magnetic pieces
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Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten
ISBN 5034309111247
Subject English