Mastering Human Resources - HSC Business Studies Topic 4

Author: Graham Roll, Publisher: Five Senses

This student topic book has explanatory notes on the HSC Business Studies topic Human Resource.

Its purpose is to provide a concise, yet comprehensive coverage of the Human Resource topic in the HSC Course. Students are advised to seek other references and case studies in this subject because it is important to read as widely as possible in order to get the most from your study of the topic.

As far as possible, the material is presented in the same order as the Board of Studies syllabus.


4.1 The Role of Human Resource Management

·         The Strategic role of human resources

·         Interdependence with other key business functions

·         Outsourcing


4.2 Key Influences on Human Resource Management

·         Stakeholders: employers, employees, employer associations, unions, government organisation, society

·         Legal: the current legal framework

·         Economic influences

·         Technological influences

·         Social influences such as changing work patterns and living standards

·         Ethics and corporate responsibility


4.3   Processes of human Resource Management

·         Acquisition

·         Development

·         Maintenance

·         Separation


4.4   Strategies in Human Resource Management

·         Leadership style

·         Job design – general or specific tasks

·         Recruitment, internal or external, general or specific skills

·         Training and development, current or future skills

·         Performance management – developmental or administrative

·         Rewards – monetary and non-monetary, individual or group, performance pay

·         Global – costs, skills, supply

·         Workplace disputes


4.5   Effectiveness of Human Resource Management

·         Indicators


·         Evaluate management strategies in response to changes in internal and external influences

·         Discuss the social and ethical responsibilities of management

·         Analyse business functions and processes in large global businesses

·         Explain management strategies and their impact on business

·         Evaluate the effectiveness of management in the performance of business

·         Plan and conduct investigations into contemporary business practices

·         Organise and evaluate information for actual and hypothetical business situations

·         Communicate business information, issues and concepts in appropriate formats



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Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9781741309836
Subject Business Studies
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