Mastering Mathematics Topic by Topic Primary 1A/B

Author: , Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)

This series of books was written in accordance with the latest Primary Mathematics Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It is recommended for extension work for students performing at a high level in mathematics in Year 1 in Australia.

The primary purpose of the series is to help pupils generate greater interest in Mathematics and gain more confidence in solving mathematics problems. To achieve this, special features are incorporated in the series.

Special features:

  • Topical revision enables pupils of mixed abilities to be exposed to a good variety of questions which are of varying levels of difficulty. This helps them develop a better understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications.
  • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Revision provides pupils with a good review of the topics learnt for the necessary practice and reinforcement in preparing them for semestral examinations.
  • Take the Challenge! deepens students' mathematical concepts and helps develop their mathematical reasoning and higher-order thinking skills as they apply their problem-solving strategies.
  • More challenging problems stimulate students' interest through challenging and thought-provoking problems which encourage them to think critically and creatively as they apply their knowledge and ability to solve these problems.
  • Why this series? Students will find this series of books a good complement and supplement to school textbooks and worksbooks. The comprehensive coverage certainly makes this series a valuable resource for teachers, parents and tutors.

The contributors to the series hope that it will inspire young students to achieve better mathematical competency and greater problem-solving skills in mathematics.

Topics covered in 1A

  • Numbers to 10
  • Number Bonds
  • Addition Within 10
  • Subtraction Within 10
  • Shapes and Patterns
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Numbers to 20
  • Addition and Subtraction Within 20

Also contains Mid-Year Revision section

Topics covered in 1B

  • Length
  • Mass
  • Picture Graphs
  • Numbers to 40
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Time
  • Numbers to 100
  • Money

Also contains:

  • End of Year Revision
  • More Challenging Problems
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Year Level Year 1, Year 2
Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9789810767570
Subject Maths