Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools Advanced 1

Author: Dai Hou Xiang, Publisher: Pearson Education South Asia

Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools is a 6-book series translated and adapted from the best-selling series International Mathematical Olympiad published by Phoenix Education Publishing, Ltd (Jiangsu Education Publishing House). The series has sold more than ONE MILLION copies.

Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools contains numerous interesting and investigative real-life problems and activities. There are also worked examples with explanations:

• to help pupils look at problems from different perspectives through observing, exploring and thinking critically in solving problems

• to encourage pupils to integrate the usage of mathematics in problem-solving

• to encourage pupils to think critically, reason logically and communicate effectively mathematically

• to learn with understanding

We hope that after going through this series, pupils would feel more confident and better equipped to tackle challenging problems in national mathematics examinations and in real-life situations.

Features of the Book:

• Self-explanatory worked examples to facilitate learning with understanding

• Non-routine problems for the development of higher-order thinking skills

• Solutions made easy to understand through detailed explanations

More Information
Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7
Date of Publication 2010, Reprinted 2013
ISBN 9789810617196
Subject Maths