Maths in Focus Extension 1 Year 12 (1 Access Code)

Author: Margaret Grove, Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Maths in Focus 11 & 12 have been rewritten and updated to cover the new senior mathematics courses: Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 and 2.

  • Designed for students heading towards an HSC exam, an ATAR and university studies
  • Each chapter begins with a Chapter Outline that includes a list of chapter objectives and a Terminology glossary
  • Graded exercises include multiple-choice questions, HSC-style questions and realistic applications
  • Investigations explore the syllabus in more detail, providing ideas for assessment tasks and modelling activities
  • Did you know? sections contain interesting facts and applications of the mathematics learned in the chapter
  • Each chapter ends with a Test Yourself revision set and a Challenge exercise
  • Mathematics Extension 1 content specifically highlighted
  • Practice sets (after several chapters) include exam-style questions from various chapters, including short-answer, free-response and multiple-choice questions
  • Syllabus grid and codes, answers and index included.


  1. Sequences and series
  2. Transformation of functions
  3. Vectors
  4. Trigonometric functions
  5. Further differentiation
  6. Geometrical applications of differentiation
  7. Integration
  8. Further integration
  9. Statistics
  10. Applications of vectors
  11. Correlation and regression
  12. Investments, annuities and loans
  13. Differential equations
  14. Continuous probability distributions
  15. Binomial distributions

About the Author

Margaret Grove has spent more than 30 years teaching HSC Mathematics, most recently at Bankstown TAFE College. She has written numerous senior mathematics texts and study guides over the past 25 years, including the best-selling Maths in Focus series for Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1.

More Information
Edition 3rd
Date of Publication October 2019
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9780170413428
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 1
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