Maths Olympiad Bundle 3

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Mathematical Olympiad Training Book Level 3 - ISBN 9789813217508
  • 1 x SAP Maths Olympiad Beginner Revised Edition: Unleash the Maths Olympian in You! - ISBN 9789814672139
  • 1 x Olympiad Maths Trainer 3 - ISBN 9789812749062
  • 1 x SEAMO Past Competitions 2021 Edition Paper B - ISBN 9789813323803

Mathematical Olympiad Training Books help students by:

  • developing critical thinking skills through solving Math Olympiad type questions, which are normally trickier and tougher;
  • offering greater exposure and experience in solving Maths Olympiad type of problems;
  • demonstrating creative methodologies and elegant solutions to maths problems such as working backwards, solving by assuming, replacement method and substitution method.

Maths Olympiad: Unleash the Maths Olympian in You! helps students who are mathematics enthusiasts to sharpen their problem-solving skills for non-routine problems. The various non-routine problems are clearly classified for easy comprehension and application. Easy-to-understand analyses and explanations in the examples will definitely help the students to understand better.

Olympiad Maths Trainer uses a systematic approach to train students over 50 weeks. Two tests, at weeks 25 and 50, can be used to assess a student’s problem-solving skills within a given time frame. While there is more than one way to solve mathematical problems, this series places an emphasis on the elegant yet easy-to-understand worked solutions in the books.

SEAMO Past Competition Paper B 2021 Edition reproduces 2016-2020 SEAMO papers and 2019-2021 SEAMO X papers for Paper B. Every question includes step-by-step solutions by the Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiads.

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Year Level Year 3
Subject Maths
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