Maths Problem Solving for Higher Achievers: Number

Author: Ian Bull, Publisher: Teaching Solutions

Book 1: Number

Book 2: Space, Measurement, Logic, Algebra, Chance & DataNEW

by Ian Bull

An extension and enrichment program for upper primary and lower secondary students, providing teachers with a range of problem-solving tasks that can be used with mathematically elite or highly able students.


  • Each activity has a clear aim together with a full list of the resources required.
  • Fully worked solutions are provided for all tasks, with hints where necessary.
  • Section 1: Extension class lessons with differentiated activities at three levels:
    • A selection of 12 problems written to a theme with an introductory lesson for all students followed by an application task, an extension task for higher achieving students, then a second extension task for an extra challenge.
    • Each lesson is supported by interactive whiteboard files on an enclosed CD.
  • Section 2: Open-ended tasks:
    • 12 open-ended problem-solving tasks, with solutions, based on a variety of themes requiring students to work in a more independent manner, and to apply the skills developed in Section 1.
  • Section 3: Mathematics reading and comprehension tasks:
    • 6 worded questions, with solutions, based on a variety of themes. The questions are similar to reading comprehension problems, with each requiring a mathematical component to complete the task.

Ian Bull is a senior teacher based in Melbourne with a particular interest in gifted and talented education. He is the author of a range of successful resources at both primary and secondary level.

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Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781921454844