Maths Problems and Investigations Book 1: Lower Primary

Author: Greg Purcell, Publisher: Essential Resources

Maths Problems and Investigations: Differentiated activities to build students’ skills and strategies provides problems at Levels 1 and 2 along with an investigation. At Level 1, students are generally solving one-step problems in which they need to use one mathematical operation and the language indicates the required operation. The Level 2 problems involve more sophisticated language and may involve more than one operation in order to calculate the answer. The investigations draw students in to address real-life situations. To successfully solve the investigations, they must think and work mathematically, as well as use their knowledge of a range of mental and written strategies and demonstrate their overall competence in mathematics.

Answers are included.

Recommended for ages 6-8.

More Information
Year Level Year 1, Year 2
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2019
ISBN 9781776556526
Subject Maths