Mathematical Reasoning & Critical Thinking Skills Book 2 Bundle

Author: Mohan Dhall, Publisher: Five Senses
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Mathematical Reasoning Book 2 sample pages

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Critical Thinking Skills Book 2 sample pages

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Mathematical Reasoning Book 2 - ISBN 9781760324087
  • 1 x Critical Thinking Skills Book 2 - ISBN 9781760324070

For selective school tests, opportunity class tests and problem solving

Critical Thinking Skills Book 2 introduces students to a very wide range of logical reasoning questions, many of which will excite and challenge through their novelty and creativity. The use of visual stimulus is important here as it tests interpretation skills as well as the application of rules to situations. The capacity to apply thinking in iterative ways is also tested in this book as there are several different questions for many single-stimulus items. This has been purposefully incorporated in order to extend and build critical thinking skills as a demonstration of fluid intelligence.

Mathematical Reasoning Book 2 builds on and extend essential mathematical reasoning skills for critical thinking students. There is a huge range of novel stimulus, 2D and 3D shapes, graphical interpretation, numerical reasoning, deductive and inductive reasoning, number relationships and pattern recognition. The questions will assess the students? capacity to evaluate, understand cause and effect relationships and also apply inductive reasoning through generalisation.

Each book includes fully worked solutions to all questions.

Practice on the problems in these books will help students to develop a range of mathematical reasoning skills and critical thinking skills. Prior to practicing, students should read through the section at the start which provides strategies. Using these strategies will be helpful to developing the skills required to think through complex problems.

More Information
Year Level Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Edition 1st
Date of Publication August 2021
ISBN August 2021
Subject General Ability (IQ), Maths