Mathscape 10 (5.1-5.2)

Author: Meyers et al, Publisher: Macmillan

Mathscape 10 is designed for students who are completing Stage 5.1 and 5.2 and who may wish to study General Mathematics in Year 11 and 12.

The book offers clear advice for all students with step-by-step instruction for each exercise. These are graded as Introductory, Consolidation and Further Application, making the mathematics accessible to all students.

Mathscape 10 offers comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. It treats the outcomes of the Working Mathematically strand as an implicit part of every activity. Additionally, there is a special 'Focus on Working Mathematically' feature in each chapter to take students further into the many processes of mathematical inquiry.


  • caters for a wide range of abilities
  • stage outcomes listed to help teachers program learning
  • clear explanations to help students access concepts
  • examples and solutions to model skills
  • a great depth and breadth of graded exercises
  • cross-curricular studies modelling “Working Mathematically”
  • web links to the best available Mathematical sites
  • 'Language Link with Macquarie' to help achieve literacy outcomes
  • chapter reviews of all key chapter content
  • answers to exercises
More Information
Year Level Year 10
Date of Publication 25 July 2005
ISBN 9780732980863
Subject Maths