Mind Twisters Book 1 (Ideal for Year 1)

Author: Shelle Russell, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education
The sections in Book 1 include:

• numbers (skills such as counting, addition, subtraction and higher-order thinking skills),

• sequence (time, order of events, alphabetical order and comparing numbers),

• patterns (number and picture patterns),

• riddles (students learn to crack the code in order to answer the funny riddles),

• words (the mind twisters in this section require students to unscramble words, break down words and try to make new words),

• mazes (students have to think hard to complete the mazes in this section),

• logical and critical thinking skills (students are given pictures and clues to help them figure out the puzzles),

• test your memory (students look at pictures and use their memories to help answer questions),

• hidden pictures, strange but amazing stories (students become the authors of their very own funny stories)

• and take your pick (students are given word choices to complete the tasks).

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ISBN 1741018390