Mind Twisters Book 3 (Ideal for Year 3)

Author: Melissa Hart, M.F.A, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education

• Students learn well when both engaged and entertained. Brain teasers such as those found in Mind Twisters provide practice in valuable skills while keeping early years students interested in puzzles, word and maths problems, riddles and mazes.

• A wide variety of critical-thinking exercises in Mind Twisters will challenge students to solve interesting riddles, equations and picture problems.

• Mathematics activities provide students with further practice in solving equations and working out answers to maths problems.

• Activities in history provide students with opportunities to study famous people and places.

• Geography pages ask students to consider fascinating geographical features.

• Science activities inspire students to consider inventions, branches of science and animal classification.

• The book concludes with activities related to physical education.


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ISBN 1741018439