Mind Twisters Book 4 (Ideal for Year 4)

Author: Sarah Kartchner, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education

• This book is a compilation of fun, creative, unique and challenging experiences for your students.

• It provides ways to exercise and develop brain power.


Mind Twisters is divided into four sections:

• brain stretchers,

• mathematical workouts,

• problem-solving puzzlers (your students will continue to develop skills such as risk-taking, trial and error and elaboration, and will require complex thinking skills),

• and critical thinking connections (students need to infer, hypothesise, generalise, take a point of view and find solutions).

• Some of the activities are meant for right-brain thinking while other are more for left-brain thinking.

• Each section focuses on a different part of the brain to provide a full brain workout.


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ISBN 1741018382