Mind Twisters Book 5 (Ideal for Year 5)

Author: Sarah Kartchner, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education

• These brainteasers will get your students thinking again.

• This book is a compilation of fun, creative, unique and challenging experiences for your students.

• It provides ways to exercise and develop brainpower.


The sections include:

• brain stretchers (decipher the licence plate, sounds like an oxymoron, what’s in the other boxes?, compounding the situation, word chains, clowning around),

• mathematical workouts (tour de maths, geometrical challenge, brain busters, mind-numbing sentences, what’s in the cube, number chains, in the money, add or multiply, and what’s the missing number),

• problem-solving puzzlers (logic puzzles, running with a riddle, the ultimate puzzle, find the pattern, brain workouts, boggle the mind, dot to dot, seeing double and hidden meanings),

• critical-thinking connections (famous firsts, tricky trivia, who’s who in history, are we compatible?, and create-a-sentence).


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ISBN 1741018420