More Proofreading Practice, Please!

Author: Dan Greenberg, Publisher: Scholastic
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More Proofreading Practice, Please! 36 hilarious practice pages that help sharpen kids' proofreading skills

Help students exercise their proofreading skills with dozens of motivating, kid-pleasing practice pages. First kids read hilarious passages, then the find and correct the spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, or grammar errors contained in the passages. An annotated answer key makes checking pages a breeze. A great way to make proofreading fun!

The book is organised into four proofreading subject areas: Spelling, Punctuation and Capitalisation, Grammar, and Mixed Errors. Each section includes nine activities. The activities cover a range of text types: stories, essays, poems, ads, forms, brochures, editorials, diaries and more.

More Information
Year Level Year 3
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9780439188395
Subject English