My Pals are Here! Science (International Edition) Textbook 3A

Author: , Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

These Textbooks help young learners acquire deep understanding of scientific concepts, knowledge, skills and processes that form the basis for learning at higher levels. They contain:

  • Science concepts which are introduced to pupils through familiar contexts and portrayed through vibrant visuals.
  • Integration of process skills which facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge while developing skills that are central to the learning of Science as an inquiry.
  • Carefully developed scope and sequence of the content so that concepts learnt earlier are revisited at each level with increasing depth.
  • Scaffolded instructions and practice to provide adequate guidance and form the framework of understanding for the pupils.

This series is published by Marshall Cavendish Singapore and is used by students internationally.

More Information
Year Level Year 3
ISBN 9789810168438
Subject Science