Nelson Fit for Life! Years 9 & 10 Student Book

Author: Rob Malpeli, Amanda Telford, Lee Anton-Hem, Dean Dudley, Jonathan Fender, Claire Stonehouse, Kim Vandervelde, Sam Watkins, Rachael Whittle, Emmé Wild, Publisher: Cengage Learning

The Nelson Fit for Life! series is written for the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education syllabus. The 10 chapters mirror the 10 Areas of Learning, and the curriculum dot points are explicitly covered. With an Australia-wide author and reviewer team of experienced classroom teachers, you know these chapters are going to work for you!

Series Features

  • Written for the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education
  • A very visual text that is easy to read
  • Skills are acquired through fun activities
  • Questions and activities from simple to extension levels
  • Workbook supports and extends the student book
  • Teacher book is full of digital and practical ideas for lessons
  • Students and teacher websites have extra material such as worksheets, selected answers and state curriculum grids


  • 1 The dangers of alcohol and other drugs
  • 2 Eat well, live well
  • 3 Healthy people, healthy communities
  • 4 Mental health and wellness
  • 5 Positive relationships
  • 6 Safety
  • 7 The great outdoors
  • 8 Participating and performing in games and sports
  • 9 Physical activity plans
  • 10 Fit to dance
  • Index
More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2015
ISBN 9780170261524
Subject PDHPE