New Century Maths 8 for the Australian Curriculum (NSW Stage 4)

Author: Binns & Corrozza, Publisher: Cengage Learning

New Century Maths for the Australian Curriculum Years 7 – 10 is specifically written to meet the requirements of the NSW Mathematics 7-10 syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, to be implemented in Years 7 and 9 in NSW from 2014. These new titles retain all of the successful features of the New Century Maths series, which has been in schools since 1994.

  • Explicit coverage of Australian Curriculum clearly labelled
  • SkillCheck revises prerequisite skills while Power Plus promotes extension work
  • Graded exercises are linked to worked examples that reflect the five components of Working Mathematically; Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Communication. The exercises include multiple-choice questions, longer exam-style problems and real life applications
  • Technology feature promotes ICT in the classroom, including spreadsheets, GeoGebra software, graphics calculators and the Internet
More Information
Year Level Year 8
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9780170189538
Subject Maths
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