New Senior Mathematics Extension 2 Year 12 Student Book with eBook (3e)

Author: Pender et al, Publisher: Pearson


  • Student Book
  • eBook - the eBook is activated at using the 12-character code found on the inside cover of the Student Book.

New Senior Mathematics, 3rd Edition offers a series of student books and worked solutions designed to help you prepare for your classes with ease and ensure students reach their potential. It’s the new edition built for New South Wales on a solid foundation.

Series Features

  • Fully aligned with the new NSW Stage 6 syllabus
  • Content built on a rigorous, academic, no-frills approach that promotes excellence and prepares students for higher education
  • Five sample exam-style papers and solutions per title
  • 15-30 additional questions with fully worked solutions for every chapter to support teachers in preparing a range of internal assessment or review tasks
  • Investigation-style assignments (two per title) to support teachers with the NESA-specified internal assessment tasks
  • Teaching programs and curriculum grids to support implementation of the new courses

eBook (Reader+)

  • Pearson's next generation eBook
  • Electronic textbook that students can access on any device, online or offline
  • Features content and digital activities, with technology such as graphing software and spreadsheets, to help students engage on their devices


  1. Complex numbers
  2. The nature of proof
  3. Further work with vectors
  4. Integration by substitution
  5. Further integration
  6. Mechanics
More Information
Edition 3rd
Date of Publication 2019
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781488618314
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 2
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