New Wave Mental Maths E (2017 Revised Edition)

Author: Eddy Krajcar, Publisher: RIC

New Wave Mental workbooks will sit comfortably with any mathematics program. Day-by-day activities cover all mathematics strands and are developmental throughout each book and the series. Books B-F have been comprehensively revised to take into account the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Revised Edition (Oct 2017) Features

  • a structured daily mental maths program for the whole school year
  • coverage of all strand and content descriptions applicable to mental maths
  • daily problem-solving questions covering all three strands incorporate real-life maths contexts and situations
  • increases students’ understanding, knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving, fluency and the application of their learning
  • provides a variety of mental problems in a number of contexts in all Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands
  • includes teacher assessments of students’ learning progress by separating the maths strands in the Friday review
  • focuses on accuracy and fluency in basic computational skills
  • sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary, and opportunities for weekly assessment and monitoring of student progress with the Friday review
  • comprehensive coverage and consolidation of mental mathematics concepts
  • uses visualisation to enhance learning
  • uses real-world maths application of knowledge and reasoning
  • has attention-grabbing graphics that make maths fun
  • Friday review now easier to access with questions colour-coded for each strand. Great for the student and great for teacher marking and evaluating the student’s knowledge
  • Daily problem-solving questions covering all three Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • STEM mathematical context
  • Differentiation
More Information
Year Level Year 4
Edition Revised Edition
Date of Publication October 2017
ISBN 9781921750038
Subject Maths