Notes+ Creative Writing Partner

Author: Lee Sin Lian, Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

Notes+ Creative Writing Partner is a reference book specially made for writing which consists of comprehensive topics about people, animals, things, places, words, and common English expressions. This book can help students:

  • increase their repertoire of words
  • strengthen their usage of English words and expressions, and improve their writing skills
  • gain confidence in facing unfamiliar English words or expressions and help to use and understand them correctly


  • Table of Contents - easy to refer to, with subheadings clearly stated under each main heading
  • Comprehensive Topics - serve as a word bank catering for students at all levels
  • The contents are organised in Table Form for easy reference
  • Section Indicators - enable students to look for sections efficiently
  • Footnotes - at the bottom of the pages, allow students to search for the subheadings conveniently
  • Sample Sentences - provided for selected sections for better understanding
  • The entries are arranged in Alphabetical Order, enabling students to look for the words in a quick and easy way
  • Wide Coverage of Vocabulary - even the least commonly used words can be found in the book
More Information
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9789814754101
Subject English