NSW HSC English Extension 1: Exploring Literary Mindscapes in Gail Jones's Sixty Lights Print Workbook

Author: Shelley McNamara, Publisher: Qwiller

Exploring Literary Mindscapes in Gail Jones's Sixty Lights: a student workbook is mapped to new NSW HSC English Stage 6 syllabus, specifically English Extension 1 Elective 4: Literary Mindscapes (2019-23 Prescriptions).

The workbook begins by introducing students to the rubric (language) of the syllabus and connects these to Sixty Lights. Relevant readings that have influenced the writing of Sixty Lights are introduced and explored. Students will consider Jones’s personal context, and explore how the text invites responders to engage with the interior worlds of individuals and communicate notions of identity and ways of being through key concepts such as photography, memory and grief, Victorian England, modernity, ‘coming of age’ novels and intertextuality. Other elements such as structure, characters, themes and setting are also addressed. As an academic, Jones was influenced by theoretical works, such as Lynda Nead’s Victorian Babylon, Eduardo Cadava’s Words of Light, Susan Sontag’s On Photography and Regarding the Pain of Others and Roland Barthe’s Camera Lucida. Students will analyse the ideas and concepts conveyed in these texts and how they relate to literary mindscapes explored in Sixty Lights. The last part of the workbook focuses on Paper 1, Section II of the HSC English Extension 1 exam by guiding students through the process of writing an essay.


  • Part 1: Introduction to Sixty Lights
  • Part 2: Jones's context, ideas and concepts
  • Part 3: More ideas and concepts in Sixty Lights
  • Part 4: Theoretical influences in Sixty Lights
  • Part 5: Structure and form, style and content
  • Part 6: Writing a Literary Mindscapes essay
More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication March 2019
ISBN 9781925624953
Subject English Extension
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