NSW Targeting Maths Year 6 Student Book Australian Curriculum Edition

Author: , Publisher: Pascal Press

This new edition of theTargeting Maths series has incorporated the feedback of hundreds of NSW teachers. New features of the program include:

  • NEW Australian Curriculum/NSW alignment

This edition fully aligns each student page to the NSW syllabus and the Australian Curriculum.

  • NEW Targeting Maths App for iPad and Android

All the essential math content that children need to know in an interactive and motivating App, one for each Year level K–6. This book is fully cross-referenced to the Year 3 Targeting Maths App. Children will benefit from the combination of book-based and digital learning that this powerful learning program provides.

  • NEW Fully-integrated Problem-solving Program that actively builds students’ abilities to think mathematically, problem solve and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.

NEW Term Investigations where students plan and work through extended problems.

  • NEW In-stage topic alignment for composite classes

Each book in one stage, e.g. Year 3 and Year 4, match topic by topic.

  • NEW Revision Tests build skills for Australia’s National Testing Program (NAPLAN*)

Regular revision pages build test-taking skills.

  • NEW Interactive whiteboard activities for front-of-class teaching

Each Targeting Maths Teaching Guide includes the complete Rainforest Maths CD-ROM for that level, an invaluable resource for teaching and learning a wide variety of maths concepts.

  • Answers are not included in student workbooks. Answers are included in Teaching Guides due in mid 2013.
More Information
Year Level Year 6
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781742151403
Subject Maths