NUADU Digital Learning Platform

Five Senses is excited to introduce a new digital platform for personalised learning and assessment to Australia.
The Five Senses NUADU platform is designed to give each student a unique learning experience based on their proficiency which it measures

The Idea

The Five Senses NUADU system helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge those gaps effectively. It is a formative, summative and normative (digital) assessment platform deeply driven by AI and data.


  • Personalisation

    Benefit from automated adaptive training tailored to the learners’ needs, curriculum and cognitive skills gaps. Design individual learning paths and provide formative, personalised feedback to learners, thereby increasing their profiency and engagement.

  • Summative assessment

    Track progress to discover any skill gaps and assign additional exercises to address them

  • Formative assessment

    Practise everyday on bite-size exercises and receive instant feedback.

  • AI & machine learning

    Evaluate student progress through tests, quizzes and reviews. Upload your own school assessments.

  • K–12 content

    Content packages consistent with NSW and national curriculum

How does NUADU work?

  • Content packages are available in Key Learning Areas.
  • Schools select the subjects and levels they would like to subscribe to.
  • The teacher can differentiate between students in each class and assign personalised exercises.
  • Students complete assigned exercises and NUADU provides:
    • instant feedback to the student
    • comprehensive data to the teacher on exercises and student progress.
  • Teachers have more time to focus on teaching.

Value for Users

+ 92% satisfied students
Teachers gain up to 7 additional hours per week!
Assignment completion over 85% after the first month with NUADU!


Better scores through personalised learning.

Learn at your own pace with the materials suited to your needs and be proud of your own progress.


Data driven education.

Access insights into your students’ progress and needs and the tools to address them.


Informed and engaged.

You understand where your child stands and what they need to do to progress.


Performance monitoring for better decisions.

Monitor engagement and learning effectiveness at school.

Content available in 2019

Content for the platform is being provided by a range of Australian educational publishers.

These resources are mapped to key curriculum requirements and include:

• Primary and Secondary Mathematics

• Primary and Secondary English

• Primary and Secondary Science

Ready to Use Formative Assessments on Writing, English Skills and Usage, Reading Comprehension and Numeracy are available now.

Content for all Key Learning Areas will be progressively added during 2019.

Bank of exercises

  • Thousands of ready-made exercises to save teachers time and train, reinforce and assess student skills
  • Three difficulty levels to match various ability levels
  • Question variants, realising the same learning objective, but differing in e.g. numerical value
  • 16 types of exercises (e.g. multiple choice, true/false, matching, filling the gaps, open questions, chemical formulas and structures)
  • Interactive games like puzzles, crosswords, memo, wheel of fortune to revise and consolidate knowledge
  • Hints and step by step solutions to guide the students on the right path
  • Large bank of exercises enabling precise match with learning goals and method of teaching to meet diverse needs

Learning Resources

Knowledge Base:
with unlimited storage for various types of resources like videos, illustrations, pictures, texts, and photos to support the teaching and learning process.

Lessons (resources collection):
to enrich teaching in classroom, review learning topics before exams, reinforce areas of weakness or help students catch up after a school absence.

Teacher-created content

Unleash teacher creativity giving tools to:

  • create their own exercises
  • compose their own lessons (resource collections)
  • add and share with students their own valuable files
  • rate and easily find favourite resources

NUADU Platform Highlights

Make personalised learning a reality

The Five Senses NUADU system offers:

Individualised training suggestions to automatically diagnose and assign adequate compensatory work to students

Alerts when intervention is required

Tools to group students for differentiated activities

Gamified badges for results, activity and systematic work to strengthen student motivation

Group and individualised comments to support constructive feedback and formative assessment

Accessibility options for students with special needs

Save teachers’ time with a powerful assessment solution

  • evaluate knowledge and skills through tests and quizzes
  • assign individual and group homework quickly
  • assign everyday practice to follow up class lessons
  • process-oriented assessment through continuous monitoring
  • internal trials of official exams
  • self-practice for students to revise material

Benefits of data-driven education

A new level of planning the educational process and diagnosing students’ individualised paths thanks to advanced analytics, progress graphs, and reports. Within them:

  • curriculum objectives tracker
  • topics progression
  • activities reports
  • cognitive skills levels
  • employability skills acquisition

Next to this, data analysis features for parents, principals, school administrators and government including usage reports, comparative statistics, logins register, assigned and solved activities tracker, analysis of learning time and much more.

Leave difficult matters to us

  • Five Senses NUADU is technically maintained and well cared-for by our team in a stable and reliable cloud environment

  • The Five Senses NUADU team always takes care of our users, providing onboarding tutorials, tips and supporting users on NUADU live chat active 7 days a week

  • To make users’ life even easier we offer single sign-on and Office 365 integration

  • Trainings take place in selected model schools and are also provided as train the trainer sessions

  • Five Senses NUADU provides on-site implementation of the system to make sure that the roll-out is smooth and fast

To book a demo or find out more please contact our team