O-Level A Complete Guide (with Practice) Pure Physics

Author: Chris Ang, Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)

GCE ‘O’ Level Pure Physics Study Guide is an essential aid for all students preparing for the ‘O’ level Physics Examination. Students usually face problems of not knowing what to study for the exams. This book provides systematic and comprehensive notes accompanied by worked examples on the topics in the New Syllabus. The contents and questions in this book have been carefully selected to enhance the students’ understanding of important concepts and their applications. All key points are included in point form for quick and easy reference.

There are 22 topics in this book. Each topic starts with the objectives, followed by a mind map to enhance their understanding of how the content of the topic is interrelated. Full solutions to the Try it! questions are provided for the students to gauge their understanding and abilities to apply the concepts.

A feature of this book is the inclusion of all the important skills and techniques needed to handle physics numerical and descriptive questions in the exam. Definitions required for the exam are also highlighted. This will definitely help those students who find it difficult to approach exam questions.


  • 1 Physical Quantities & Units
  • 2 Kinematics
  • 3 Dynamics
  • 4 Mass, Weight and Density
  • 5 Turning Effect of Forces
  • 6 Pressure
  • 7 Work, Energy and Power
  • 8 Kinetic Model of Matter
  • 9 The Transfer of Thermal Energy
  • 10 Temperature
  • 11 Thermal Properties of Matter
  • 12 General Wave Properties
  • 13 Light
  • 14 Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • 15 Sound
  • 16 Static Electricity
  • 17 Current Electricity
  • 18 D.C.Circuits
  • 19 Practical Electricity
  • 20 Magnetism
  • 21 Electromagnetism
  • 22 Electromagnetic Induction
  • Question Bank 1
  • Question Bank 2
  • Glossary
  • Answers
More Information
Year Level Year 10
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9789810767143
Subject Physics, Science