Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing - Board, Pen & 48 pieces (Ages 4-8)

Author: , Publisher: Fiesta Crafts

Oi! top selling and award-winning range of children's books have now branched out with this exciting activity toy. Oi! Magnetic Creative Writing is a fun way to encourage children to create short stories, improve their creative thinking, and to help develop their literacy skills.

Suggested activities

  • Look at the picture and describe what you see.
  • Use a word piece and a picture piece as a starting point to write a sentence. Can you make up different sentences with the same pieces?
  • Do the same as above but with more pieces.
  • Choose a picture and tell a story about what happened before or what what you think may happen after.
  • Pick at least 2 pictures and create a story (to tell or to write).
  • Pick 3-4 words at random and create a story (to tell or to write).


  • Magnetic activity board, 18 x 25cm
  • Pen
  • 24 magnetic word pieces
  • 24 magnetic picture pieces
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Subject English