Oi! Magnetic Phonics - Board, Pen & 60 pieces (Ages 3-6)

Author: , Publisher: Fiesta Crafts

Oi! top selling and award-winning range of children's books have now branched out with this exciting activity toy. Oi! Magnetic Phonics uses pictures to help young children and those with dyslexia to understand meanings more easily. Using graphemes, pictures and writing helps to reinforce sounds and spelling.

Suggested activities

  • Match grapheme (phonic piece) with pictures and/or words<
  • Place a grapheme on the board and write other words which include the same phonic sound.
  • Place picture pieces on the board and writing the matching words. Find the correct word pieces and check the spelling.
  • Place 5 word pieces on the board and write down the words or sentences including those words.
  • Use word pieces for segmenting and blending.


  • Magnetic activity board, 18 x 25cm
  • Pen
  • 20 magnetic picture pieces
  • 40 magnetic phonic and word pieces
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