Oi! Magnetic Rhymes - Board, Pen & 24 pieces (Ages 3-6)

Author: , Publisher: Fiesta Crafts

Oi! top selling and award-winning range of children's books have now branched out with this exciting activity toy. Oi! Magnetic Rhymes encourages children to learn about rhyming sounds, match sounds with pictures and words, and helps to develop literacy skills.

Suggested activities

  • Find the rhyming sound by matching 2 words, 2 pictures or a word and a picture. Reverse the pieces to check if correct.
  • Place the word/picture piece on the board and write more words that rhyme.
  • Place a picture on the board and write the matching word. Reverse the piece to check if correct.
  • Place words on the board and write them out.
  • Group the pieces in different ways: by animals, objects, habitat, type of animal, kind of object ...
  • Use word pieces for segmenting and blending.


  • Magnetic activity board, 18 x 25cm
  • Pen
  • 24 reversible magnetic pieces - side A: picture, side B: word
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