One Step Ahead: Giving Students the Edge in English Grammar

Author: Peter Clutterbuck, Publisher: Five Senses

One Step Ahead has been written to provide a classroom resource that enables senior primary students to experience and learn about all the elements of grammar relevant at that stage of their learning development.

The book does not preach or lecture about grammar, but simply provides user-friendly activities which illustrate the need for us to follow certain purposeful rules of communication.

The worksheets provide a variety of well-planned, interesting activities that develop each students' understanding of the separate and specific parts of our English language. By linking these parts together we form the basis of our everyday communication skills.

To assist students assess their individual understanding of a particular topic, regular revision tests are included. Also for most areas small group activities are provided for students to explore grammatical elements together in a cooperative, non-threatening way.

Classroom teachers will find One Step Ahead makes it easy to improve their students' written and spoken expressing by focussing on essential grammatical everyday English language.

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ISBN 9781741302806
Subject English