Othello Student Book (Advanced Module B)

Author: Emily Bosco & Anthony Bosco, Publisher: Into English

For Year 11 English Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature

Othello: A Critical Study of Literature engages students in an enjoyable and detailed study of William Shakespeare's Othello using a variety of activities that require them to respond to the play in analytical and creative ways. These activities will improve students' understanding of the content of the play, the ideas and issues it encourages audiences to think about, the language it uses, and the way it has been structured. Students will also learn how to support their judgements about Othello with evidence from the play, along with their understanding of scholarly perspectives gathered from further independent research projects.

This student book is a highly valuable resource for students and teachers of the NSW Stage 6 English Year 11 Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature.

More Information
Year Level Year 11
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925771077
Subject English, English Advanced
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