Oxford MyEnglish 10 NSW Student Book + obook assess

Author: Paul Grover, Rachel Williams & Michael Horne, Publisher: Oxford University Press

Oxford MyEnglish NSW is an integrated print workbook and digital solution for students of NSW junior English. Developed to cater for mixed-ability classrooms, Oxford MyEnglish offers an engaging and accessible approach to English grammar and skills.


  • Exploration of skills is done in the context of extracts from contemporary and classic texts, such as novels, biographies, poems, non-fiction, plays, media articles and more.
  • Comprehensive write-in workbooks format covering all English basics: grammar, comprehension, text cohesion, spelling and vocabulary.
  • 20 highly structured units and appropriately levelled content enabling students to move from word level to sentence level to whole text level.
  • Student access to interactive digital modules and assessment providing additional support and consolidation of learning.
  • Video tutorials offer students a ‘teacher in their table’ enabling them to revise at their own pace with guidance from the expert author team.
More Information
Year Level Year 10
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9780190313593
Subject English
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