Pearson Geography New South Wales Stage 5 Student Book with access code

Author: Kleeman, Publisher: Pearson

The Pearson Geography New South Wales Student Books have been designed for ease of use and reading with double-page spreads and prominent images selected specifically to appeal to students. They also have small chunks of text with lots of headings for easy digestion, and many images, maps and illustrative material.

Chapter 1: Geographical inquiry and skills

Chapter 2: Biomes

Chapter 3: Food and fibre production

Chapter 4: Challenges to food production

Chapter 5: Food security

Chapter 6: Urbanisation

Chapter 7: Population movements

Chapter 8: Australia's urban future

Chapter 9: Environments

Chapter 10: Forests

Chapter 11: Inland water

Chapter 12: Spatial variations in Human Wellbeing

Chapter 13: Human wellbeing in Australia

Chapter 14: Coastal environments

Chapter 15: Marine environments

Chapter 16: Human wellbeing: India

More Information
Edition 1
Date of Publication 2016
Year Level Year 9
ISBN 9781488613913
Subject Geography
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